Healthy Sweet

The Organic Agave Sweetener in Granulated Form

Agave Nu! brings the first Organic Agave Sweetener in powder form to the European Market, Healthy Sweet

Healthy Sweet comes from organically grown Blue Agave plant (A. tequilana). It is a healthier alternative to conventional sugar and artificial sweeteners. Agave's inulin, is a natural dietary fibre that increases nutrient abortion and has a minimal impact on the blood sugar levels.

Benefits of Organic Agave Sweetener Healthy Sweet.

Low Glycemic Index (GI)

A persons body glucose increases slowly without drastic blood sugar or insulin levels spikes. The fructans carbohydrates are released over a longer period compared to fructose and sucrose. Inulin is a fructan dietary fibre.


No artificial additives are used during the elaboration of Healthy Sweet. Healthy Sweet is developed practising certified organic agriculture.

Intensifies Flavours

Healthy Sweet enhances the natural flavours of food and beverage without changing them.


Healthy Sweet is 100% from plant origin and therefore it can be consumed vegetarians and vegans.

Not Genetically Modified

Agave plants used in the production are 100% natural and GMO-free.

Gluten Free

Does not contain protein or ingredients from cereals such as wheat, rye, barley, or oats.

Highly Soluble

Unlike agave syrup, it dissolves readily in liquids and does not crystallize.

Important Information

Can it be consumed by people diagnosed with diabetes?

One of the benefits of Healthy Sweet is its low glycemic index (GI), this means the blood sugar rises slowly, avoiding a sudden insulin rush.  Every person's metabolism is different and the insulin levels must be regulated physiologically, in the case of diabetes, we recommend consulting with your physician or G.P. before using our product.

Is it alcoholic?

No, there is no alcohol in the product. Although both tequila and Organic Agave Sweetener, Healthy Sweet are elaborated from the same plant (blue Agave), our product has a very different production process. During preparation, the agave is hydrolysed and not fermented further.

Does it contain calories?

Since Healthy Sweet is organic and from completely natural origin, it does contain calories. One of the advantages of the calories coming from Healthy Sweet, is that they are absorbed gradually, unlike refined sugar, and thus does not raise the glycemic index (GI) in a sudden way.